Friday, October 30, 2009

Frugal Friday tip plus a bonus!

Hello all, it may be late, but it's still Friday and I have a Frugal find to share with you.

Hisbeloved has a wonderful frual tip to share that young moms may find of worthy note as they may have exactly what she is sharing.

And while you are there you might enjoy the bonus recipe Hisbeloved is sharing in her post...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Making a Puff Quilt

I just loved this tutorial on making a Puff Quilt also known as a Biscuit Quilt. It first caught my eye since it had a nice ruffle on the outside edge. Since I am fairly new to quilting, I had not thought about adding a lace ruffle to the outside edge of a Quilt, but happy to find that it adds a beautiful feminine look to the finished product. The tutorial also has a few helpful hints while making the Puff Quilt. The stated origin of the Puff Quilt was from the recycling days of the 1970's. Old clothing, sheets, pillow cases, thrift store fabric finds can all be used to make the quilt top, and it can be stuffed with polyester fiber fill, or as they stated...recycled pantyhose, although the finished product will be heavier which could be nice for a warm winter quilt. Since the Puff Quilt is made one square at a time it can be fun for the younger quilter to help as she learns to quilt as well.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Frugal Find!

Today's Friday Frugal Find was found at Lori's Blog
The Frugally Old Fashioned Homemaker

Lori posted a Tutorial on making homemade Liquid hand soap using just a few ingredients and a blender to make a whole gallon of soap. Take a look and get creative with the recipe.
You can add Lavendar or Grapefruit or Rosemary or Almond or Peppermint Oil to add a wonderful scent. Store in a pretty bottle and add a ribbon and make a lovely gift for a friend.
Thanks for the recipe Lori!

Friday, July 31, 2009

When life gives you lemons...

When life gives you lemons....make some lemonade!

That was the plan, however the heat got to the lemons before I did. I bought a large bag of lemons from Costco that looked very lucious and lemony, and wonderful. I brought them home and put them all in a bowl on the kitchen table as I usually do. This makes them available and in sight to remind me to use them. Alas, the heat made them mold and I lost almost half the bowl full.
I separated them and threw out the bads ones and began juicing the rest on the old fashioned glass hand held juicer I found at an antique sale last summer. I saved the juice in the fridge to keep it for future use. Then I remembered that my mom who lives in the desert, who also has a lemon tree, would do juice her lemons and then put the juice in ice cube trays to freeze the juice and then store them for future use in plastic baggies.
It adds just the right zing to iced tea as well as some much needed cooling these days. Possible three digit temps around here in the next week and very few have airconditioning. We need to find cool wherever we can find it.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Frugal Friday Tip

Marsha at Suficient Grace for Suffering Saints has a wonderful Frugal Friday tip.

If you find yourself with a small bit of time of your hands try her idea for a Stay-Cation.

It's my kind of vacation and if I had time I would try to invite myself! :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sewing Lesson #4 Making your own dress form

A seamstress should have her own dress form. However if you have looked into buying one it is not a very frugal purchase. But wait help has arrived. I have seen written directions on how to make a duct tape dress form but they didn't quite help me. This video was a great help in figuring out exactly how to make and store a dress form.

Sewing Lesson #3 Fabric Basket Liners

I love to collect baskets at Garage sales, thrift stores and anywhere else I can find them gently used. Sometimes they come with a liner, but often not. Watch the video to learn how to make beautiful liners for your baskets. It's so simple, and a great project to begin with.

Sewing Basket Liners.

Sewing Lesson #2 How to thread a sewing machine

I remember having so much difficulty with step when dad first bought the famles of the home a sewing machine. I am not mechanically minded, and left the threading to dad. After moving out, I had to learn to do it myself. It really is not as intimidating as I thought. I learned how on my own by trial and error. Here is a video to help you get started.

Sewing Lesson #1 Learning to read a pattern

I'd like to begin a series on learning to sew. I inherited the portable Kenmore sewing machine that my dad bought for my mom and sister and I to learn to sew. I was the only one that really used it ...about 35 years when I got married and left home it became mine. I have used it for the occasional project here and there, and basically taught myself to sew over the years. I am by no means an accomplished seamstress, and would like to improve my skills so I thought I would compile a series of videos and info that would help me improve, and in turn help any readers that would like to do the same.

Let's begin...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Baked Oatmeal

Baked Oatmeal


2 beaten eggs

1 cup Brown Sugar

2 teaspoons baking powder

1 teaspoon cinnamom

1 teasoppn salt

1 cup milk

Place all ingedients in a mixing bowl

and mix well

Pour into 9 inch square pan

Bake at 350 for 40-45 minutes

Cut into squares

and serve hot

topped with milk

and assorted toppings...

rasins, nuts, fruit...

Friday, June 26, 2009

Egg Pankaka

My boys really liked it when I made this recipe.
It comes from a friend who is now in heaven.
I wonder if God called her home early
to help prepare the dinner table....
or maybe the breakfasts :)
The recipe is easy and tastes yummy!
Swedish Oven Pancake
4 eggs
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup butter!
1 quart milk
2 cups flour

Preheat oven to 400 degrees
Beat the eggs and salt
add milk and flour gradually
Mix well
Melt butter in microwave and pour into
9x13 glass pan
add egg mixture
bake at 400 degrees
for 30-35 minutes
Serve immediately with
fruit, jam, syrup, and
or lemon juice and powdered sugar.
Some like it hot, some like it cold,
but no one likes it in the pan
9 days old :)
PS: My daughter in law called this morning to ask about the recipe. I forgot to mention that the batter will seem very runny as you place it in the oven, but not to sets as it bakes.

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's jucing time again!

Whole food vitamins are expensive unless you can find a good sale, and organic fruit is good for you, but sometimes goes ripe too fast to consume. The family doesn't like to eat all their 5 servings fo fruits and vegetables. So....I have wanted a Jack La Lane Juicer for many years, and I have been scouring second hand stores for one but to no avail. However, just yesterday it showed up on my front door step!

My mom used to work in a Commisary doing those food demonstrations and was able to buy the tools she needed at a discounted price, so she began collecting different kitchen items. She left that job a number of years ago and wondered if I would like a juicier as it is just sitting on her counter. Of course a resounding YES was the answer!
So it arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I made my first batch of Veggie juice last night. What a blessing! This juicer is soooo quiet compared to my old unit, and the pulp comes out much more dry and in turn much more juice is produced as well.

A juicer is a wonderful way to get your kids, or your family to "drink" their fruits and veggies.
I can't tell you how many times I have bought fruits and veggies just to have them go bad in the veggie bin! What a waste! Now I can turn those fruits and veggies into juice, and also pulp that can be used in healthy breads and muffin recipes. The juice made at home is also much better and fresher than store bought juice stored in plastic bottles, as the longer the juice sits the less nutrients it contains.
Now I am on the look out for great fruit and veggie sales.
Thanks sooo much mom!
PS: Dear Husbands reply was...Lord have mercy! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dishwasher Salmon

I ran across the funniest post at Lynns, Queen of the Castle Recipes. She posted this recipe from Eskimo women who have diswashers..."Dishwasher Salmon"

Like she said, how diswashers receive power in an igloo is a problem I will leave to them. I'm just passing on the recipe post. Lynn has also written a Book entitled Queen of the Castle...52 Weeks of Encouragement for the Uninspired, Domestically Challenged or Just Plain Tired Homemaker.

The recipe is only frugal if you disinfect your silverware at the same time. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Homemade Laundry Soap

Sunlight Soap Advert a String of Women Admire the Results Displayed on a Very Long Washing Line
Sunlight Soap Advert a String of Women Admire the Results Displayed on a Very Long Washing Line

I always feel like a happy homemaker when I'm stirring this and smelling it cooking on the stove. It also reminds me of Granny on the Beverly Hillbilly's :)

Momma’s Liquid Laundry Detergent

1 whole bar of Soap
(Ivory, Dial, Fels-Naptha)
1 cup Washing soda
1 cup Borax Powder
2 gallon bucket

Grate soap and put into heavy metal pot
Add 6 cups water and heat on medium until it melts…
stirring occasionally
Add Washing Soda and Borax and stir until dissolved
Remove from heat

Pour 6 cups hot tap water into a bucket
Add Soap mixture and stir
Add 1 gallon and 6 cups of water and stir
Let the soap sit for 24 hours and it will gel

* May add ½ to 1 ounce of essential or fragrance oil

Use ½ cup per load


I use the blue bar of Dial for men. Keep in mind the one you choose will affect the smell and color of your finished product
(it smells like the laundry soap in Germany)

The final product will smell and be the same color as the bar of soap, if you want anti-bacterial properties use that kind of bar soap or add citrus essential oil at the end…orange or grapefruit or lemon or lavender)

Happy Laundering!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Reusabel Zip Lock Bags

Frugal Friday Tip for today...

Lori at A Frugally Old Fashioned Homemaker posted a nice tutorial on making reusable ziploc baggies! A bit of sewing and imagination they can be used for lunch boxes, baby shower gifts for homemade wipes, or just think of the possibilities! Just toss in the washer and reuse. Make a whole bunch of them in different fabrics for many uses. Take a look.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Frugal Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Frugal Friday to you all! I have missed you much, as I have been having difficulty accessing my main blog. Internet Exlporer cannot open the site, and it aborts the operation. I have tried rebooting my computer many times to see if it is a problem on my end, but alas, to no avail. I was able to access Frugality 101 through the dashboard of all my blogs, but not the main one "Domestically Inclined" If any one out there has any ideas would you please leave a comment on this post or email me at

Frugality in our homes allows us to help others at times when they are in need. This Memorial Day Weekend please remember to pray for our military and their families and help where we can.

Ideas for helping our Military Families...

  • Pray!

  • Babysit so mom can have the afternoon to refresh or run errands

  • Send a card with a gift card to a coffee shop

  • Drop off a bag of groceries to help stretch till next payday

  • Send an email to our service men and women to thank them for keeping us safe and free.

  • Contact the electrice company and pay a bill privately

  • Drop off a box of diapers and wipes

  • Bake a batch of cookies and visit and encourage them with God's Word
  • Bring some groceries to your churches food bank

  • Pray!

Or come up with your own ideas to bless those who are blessing us with their lives.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Simple Faire is Best

Time has been tight lately with many responsibilites and when that happens and tummies are grumbling for something my first fleshly inclination is to say, alright the lot to bed!
But then I take a deep breath and start making breakfast for dinner.

Take your pick and please the family with a low cost meal for dinner...
~Fried Potatoes and Eggs
~French Toast
~Biscuts and Gravy
~Pancakes and berries
~An Omlet

I just recently learned how to make Quiche! I don't know I guess it was the pie crust thing that I am not particularly good at, and overcame the fright of buying it all rolled up and already done. It's still quite economical purchased on sale. But if you are braver than I...make your own crust.
Just a fancy name and look for some eggs, and a few other ingredients, and very easy to make.
It is also a great way to have "Leftovers for Breakfast".
You really can't make this wrong...only experiment with leftovers and find the way you like it.

Simple Quiche
One of your favorite pie crusts in a shallow pie plate
(Can be homemade or store bought)
Beat six eggs
Add 1 cup cream OR milk OR evaporated milk
Add one cup shredded Ceddar Cheese
(Or just about any cheese you have)
Add a little leftover Hamburger, OR sausage OR Cooked Crumbled Bacon
(Or for the veggie lover, toss in a little broccoli)
Bake at 350 for 1/2 hour
Elegant Quiche
One of your favorite pie crusts in a shallow pie plate
(Can be homemade or store bought)
Beat six Eggs
Add 1 cup cream OR milk
1 Tsp Salt
Pour mixture into uncooked pie crust
Top with Spinach leaves
and Sliced Tomatoes
Top with crumbled Feta cheese
Bake at 350 for 1/2 hour
Serve warm topped with sour cream and or salsa, and or a side salad,
Or grab a cold piece on the run in the morning rather than a doughnut.
Simple Faire Quiche
Omit all the added extras and make a plain Quiche
served hot with Sour Cream and Jam OR Berries
I would have posted a picture of the Quiche, but it didn't last long enough, Enjoy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Gardening

If you live where it gets warm you might not appreciate this, but here in North Idaho, the snow was on the ground from October to April 5th on this property!
And winter has still been trying to hold on. So I knew if we were going to have anything growing in the backyard, I better get something growing quick. Now the rule of thumb here is you don't plant until the snow is off the local mountain, which is usually around Mothers Day...that's May 10th this year. I know my sister has had to pull three rounds of weeds already where she lives.
I began with organic potting soil and organic seeds this year, in hopes of seeing a green house out back that Dear Husband and I dreamed about in winter. However, mil likes to do yard work and it would be much nicer if she could help. So instead Dear Husband and I wandered out to the local hardware store and bought four white roll up shades and some deck stain for the front porch. Why you say? To brighten up and protect the deck with the stain and put the shades up front on the porch to create a semi controlled place for our seedlings to grow.

It will allow us to do some container gardening, keep down the need for weeding as my time is taken up more with Caregiving.
Ok, so the first pic of marigold and shasta daisy seeds is not so interesting, it's just dirt, but after a winter of white for six months, brown really is a lovely color! In the second picture you can see I used egg cartons to plant the melon and tomato seeds, and the egg carton lid to plant some herbs. The 2" containers cantalope and watermelon...ok so I am dreaming that we will have a long enough season for these to make it to fruition!

They began here on the shelves of an old wire wrack near the heat of the fridge motor and a heater vent, in front of the glass door to get what little light they could find about 4 weeks ago. I did have a full specturm uv light to help out in the beginning. However we have been getting a bit of morning and evening bright sunlight, so having a light weight movable wrack was nice. Next time I thing it work better to have it on a wrack with wheels to just roll across the wood flooring. Now that the sunlight is streaming in more regular I suppose they will growing quicker. Now all I need is some enough weather to get out and clear off the front porch and stain it so I can replant these little babies. The prolific zuccinni is doing great. I did chance a planting of some pea pods out back around the base of a ladder so the plants can grow up the ladder for some support. I also chanced a planting of some green onion seeds and lettuce seeds out in some long planting boxes. And of course waht do you suppose happen a few days later? I kid you not it looked like a white out not of snow, but of hail! That's ok, God has made us Idahoan's tougher with all the show shoveling and if our plants are going to survive than they are going to have to learn in adverse conditions as well. Refining fire has a way of doing that, or in their case...hail.

Hope you are enjoying using your green thumb as well, and I would love to hear what you are doing. I hear much talk of square foot gardening, have any of you tried it? Also, any tips on container gardening? This is my first serious try at container gardening and I would love to hear any tips you have.

Happy Gardening.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

Homemade Goodness!

Yes I know a loaf of white bread is only a dollar at the day old bread store, but for me and my house we will not eat that poison. When it comes to bread, nurtririon is much more important than a few dollars saved at the grocery store. In the long run we would be spending more at the docotor in the future if I saved on the bread bill.

Nutrition is just packed in these alfalfa and clover sprouts! They are easy to grow. Just soak the seed in a canning jar of warm water for a few hours then place in a shallow sprout grower. ( I suppose you can use a net with small holes like in a screen placed in a shallow pan of water) Change the water daily and keep the sprouts covered until they begin to grow. Then rinse them daily and keep uncovered until they are a few inches tall. Rinse well and store uncovered in the fridge. I love the tase of them on a sandwhich, with cream cheese, they are also good tasting in freshly juiced juices.

We had this with a cup of soup the other day. It was homemade vegetable soup. I figured the meal costs about .53 cents per serving!

Here is a link to a handy cost calculator. Book mark the link and figure out the price of your meals the next time you grocery shopping. And thanks to Donna for the link!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bread Making

Artisanal Breads
Artisanal Breads

Ok, I have been sick for the past few days with a bad cold, and it has finally been sunny, but still very cold and I have been longing to bake some bread. So I thought I would blog about it until I am healthier.

Many people are afraid of making bread. I remember when I would just look at those pictures and recipes in my moms cook book and wish I could bake like that. Mom was never a recipe type person, so she said come on I'll show you how, and we just dug in. She just put a little of this in the bowl and a little of that, and it was supposed to be just this consistency and if not add a little more flour. if too dry add a little oil and viola...great bread. As the years went on mom would rather work out in the garden so she let me bake and cook and pretty soon I was practicing on the family with Beef Wellington, and home made bread, and cookies, and Spaetzle. Oh, and there was that one time my sister and I baked a tremendously huge batch of cookies that you could break a tooth on, but live and learn. My German mom still made the Gizzard Goulash that we all loved as kids, because we didn't know any better, she got the spices just right with just a bit of this and that. I never got the hang of that one!

Good thing because when I got married Dear Husband didn't think that would be a good meal to come home to after a hard days work, but he and our sons enjoyed the home made pizzas and cookies and breads.

I understand times are tougher now and I remember when I didn't want to try a new recipe and possibly waste all the ingredients if the dish didn't turn out. I found a nice site to help with Bread recipes including comments from others who have tried the recipe. So don't be afraid give it a try. You and your family will enjoy healthy nutritious bread with help from The Fresh Loaf

Friday, March 13, 2009

Frugal soil tip

Vegetable Garden by Alie Kruse-Kolk
Vegetable Garden

It's still really cold and winter like here, but my thoughts turn to spring! My dear husband has been talking about building a greenhouse so I can do some container gardening, but there is some room in the yard for outside gardening. I've come across a site with instructions on how to test your soil all by yourself with some items you have at home. So as soon as my ground is no longer frozen I'm going to try this SOIL TEST.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Frugal Friday

Good Friday morning to you all. Well this week I managed to get through some of my closet and pulled out some items that didn't look "new" anymore. Instead of tossing them, I pulled out the RIT dye I've been buying a little at a time. At the beginning and end of the winter season the darks seems a bit faded so I give them a "dye bath" in the washer with Rit dye. (liquid or powder)
I used to be afraid of using the washer with this, but it seems to work quite nicely. The darker colors requier a double batch of dye. Just follow the direction on the package or bottle, making sure you have salt and bleach on hand. Salt helps soften the water and the fabric to take the dye better and the bleach is for cleaning out the washer immediately after you color your fabric.

I did the browns this week and tossed in an olive skirt that was faded and it turned out a nice chocolate color. Cotton works best to take the color and some synthetics don't work at all.

If you've got some cotton muslin fabric you can color it before making a skirt out of it. See what a little creativity can bring to your life.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Miss Precious by Terry Wilson
Miss Precious

Goldy women are frugal in the way they manage the household for their husbands. We spend carefully and prayerfully so that we can also extend our hand to the poor and the needy. With the economy the way it is and people hurting around us, take care not to be stingy, but frugal.
  • Take time to shop the sales to help stock your church food pantry
  • Bake a loaf of bread for the neighbors
  • Leave a bag of groceries on the door step of a family that is in need
  • Mail a grocery gift certificate to a family member
  • Pray for those in need

If you find yourself on the needing end this month, look to Jesus to fill the need. And remember that 75% of the world lives in poverty compared to Western Americans. If your income is more than $1,500 A YEAR you live on more than 75% oof the world.

For he shall deliver the needy when he crieth; the poor also, and him that hath no helper. Psalm 72:12

Friday, February 13, 2009

Frugal Tips

Young Woman Attending to Her Housework with a Dust Mop by Nina Leen
Young Woman Attending to Her Housework with a Dust Mop

It's Frugal Friday.

I've been dealing with an allergy attack this past weekend the kind that swells the throat shut and makes it difficlut to breathe...yes, that kind. So after not feeling well this week and letting mom help the best she can...with alzheimers it makes it difficult for her...but we both managed. However the kitchen floor needed cleaning after she tried doing dishes a few times and cleaning out the fridge of some items. The last thing I wanted to do was pull out chemicals to clean the laminate wood flooring, it was pretty bad...but I pulled out my usual cleaner of vinegar and hot water and it still worked great on the messy floor! I just use a spray bottle of 1/2 hot water and 1/2 vinegar and spray the floor section by section and clean with a swiffer sweeper. For really tough jobs I wrap the swiffer sweeper with an old towel and secure with a rubber band, and it does the tougher jobs much better. Best of all no chemicals to inhale.

I'd like to share a wonderful post regarding being frugal over at Homemaking Dreams regarding 2008 Financial Lessons, and don't forget to check out her Etsy shop as she has some lovley practical items. The site also has many before and after pictures of areas in the home that needed organizing.

Another featured site for thrifty wives and moms is at Civillas Cyber Cafe. There are great tips for all areas of the home, shopping, office, and garage. Some of the tips on this post are from housewives of the 1950's and some that have gone through the Great Depression.

Thanks cyber ladies for your help with Frugal Friday!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Frugal Friday February 6th, 2009

Baby Being Fed Baby Food by Alexandra Grablewski
Baby Being Fed Baby Food

When I was young and at home, there were 4 more kids that followed me into the family. When mom bought baby food she would save the jars!
  1. Dad had them in the Garage on every shelf with nails and screws, and all sorts of things.
  2. Mom had them in the spice cabinet filled wtih dried herbs from the garden.
  3. For holidays we would paint or decorate them and place a candle inside to burn.
  4. We would use the larger ones in the bathroom to store q-tips, or cotton balls, or bath salts.

I suppose today many make their own baby foods, but they do so many organic baby food jars available, that if you find it good for you to use them, they can be recycled for many other uses.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Frugal Friday Tip

I am pleased to share this bit of Frugal help as it comes from Kristin
over at the
She has shared a recipe that is sure to keep your drains and pipes clear from the sludge that builds up and assures us that draino is no longer needed. (unless of course your clog is the toy sort of clog :)

The only sludge mover I can think of for our souls is the Word of God, wash your mind with it daily, but if you are having the other sort of problem pop over to visit
Kristin-Homemaker @ Heart and take a peek.

Thanks Kristin!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Installing a zipper

There is one sewing talent I have not mastered, I haven't even tried it yet, and that is inserting a zipper. It just seems like such a daunting challenge to me! I have purchased several including patterns to use them with and read all the instructions and that is where my journey has ended thus far. I keep staring at the pictures and get overwhelmed at what I am supposed to do. Others have told me it is a piece of cake but I have not had anyone "show" me how to install a zipper yet. However I did find a tutorial on how to to install a zipper and I am happy to say to all of you who have not tried this is a piece of cake! :)
Dont let fear hold you back anymore! Now you can use all that fabric you have stored away all these years or "upcycle" those items in your closet instead of getting rid of them.

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Upcycling"...a fancy word for Fruality

Not only does mending an item quickly save time in the process,
it also saves the article of clothing.
And these days that definitely helps the pocket book.
It is now time to dip into the fabric reserves that have been carefully sought
for during those well planned days of sales to create new garments made meticulously to have fine garments, as a Proverbs 31 woman, that will last.
Of course that requires a bot of talent.
If you need help in this area, you can take advantage of the recent trend of "upcycling" clothing to create a new garment for a family member or yourself.
"Upcycling"... just a fancy word for frugality
Become creative.
What is it you or your family needs?
Kids pants too short?
Don't be a slave to fashion, create your own in this time of a down turned economy.
Most Americans have a tremendous supply already at their finger tips...
just look into your closet!
Decide what fits and what you like and set aside the rest to work with.
Go through everyones closet in the household to gather your supplies.
You now have a large supply of buttons, and fabric, and shoes, and hats, and belts, and jewlery.
With a bit of creativity you can make something "new"
Project #1
Take a pair of jean shorts that fit at the waist but perhaps are not flattering or in good conditon lower down. Cut the jeans shorts an inch below the zipper and add a swatch of gathered fabric to make a swirl skirt for your little lady.
Project #2
You know that wool shirt that you accidentally shrunk in the dryer? Well do it again, yes shrink it again to make felted wool. You can now cut the fabric to make a purse or wallet or hat, or any item you might need.
Project #3
Have some old sheets?
Tear then into one inch wide strips and sew the ends together and gather the string together like a ball of yarn. Now crochet a long line and stitch into a circle or oval rug. If you place it on a wood floor be sure to use non skid sheet underneath, or you can use a few lines of hot glue. Just apply the hot glue to the bottom of finished rug and let dry before placing on the floor.
Project #4
Just love those buttons but the blouse has to go? Take the buttons off and make them into earrings, or re use the buttons on an upcycled purse or swirl skirt.
Project #5
Maybe you can think of another "up-cycling project" and share it with me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday is Wash Day

Ivory Soap Girl Washing
Ivory Soap Girl Washing

I like to start the week out right by getting my Laundry started from a busy weekend.
You can start the New Year out right with a frugal batch of Homemade Laundry Detergent

I've posted it many times in the past but found it written out at a friends blog. Take a peek and come to enjoy the many uses of this wonderful recipe at Maybe I'll blog


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