Friday, February 6, 2009

Frugal Friday February 6th, 2009

Baby Being Fed Baby Food by Alexandra Grablewski
Baby Being Fed Baby Food

When I was young and at home, there were 4 more kids that followed me into the family. When mom bought baby food she would save the jars!
  1. Dad had them in the Garage on every shelf with nails and screws, and all sorts of things.
  2. Mom had them in the spice cabinet filled wtih dried herbs from the garden.
  3. For holidays we would paint or decorate them and place a candle inside to burn.
  4. We would use the larger ones in the bathroom to store q-tips, or cotton balls, or bath salts.

I suppose today many make their own baby foods, but they do so many organic baby food jars available, that if you find it good for you to use them, they can be recycled for many other uses.

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Civilla said...

Hi! Thanks for coming to my blog. I save all glass jars to put my wild plum jam into, and give for gifts. I have 2 wild plum trees in my front yard.

I have three blogs on thrift on my sidebar. One of them has LOADS of thrift ideas (it's a bit long), and you can have the ideas for your blog if you like. They're not my original ideas anyway!


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