Thursday, October 23, 2008

Serving up Leftovers

Housewife in Kitchen
Housewife in Kitchen

I can't take credit for this one but I thought it was a good one to share.

With the economy the way it is, gas prices and home heating prices on the rise, and the grocery bill ever growing larger a simple little drama unfolding in the kitchen may help.

Get that apron on mom, gather up all the leftover dishes and garnish with a splash of cheese or salsa or ketchup, and make a list.
Heat them all up in seperate for each member of the family and with pencil and notepad in hand announce the specials of the evening.

Take orders one by one, with no arguing allowed.

Ask daddy to turn out the lights and light the candles.

Serve a warm dish to each member as well as yourself

Bow your heads and pray and let God know how thankful you are for a choice
and enjoy the leftovers.

Don't forget to announce that the waitress accepets tips, but prefers help in the dishwashing arena.


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