Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to read a Sewing Pattern

Even if you have a sewing machine, and the desire to sew, trying to read a sewing pattern looks like a differnt language. This video has lots of info to help you get started. Won't your little one look so cute in a new dress!


Crocheting is a wonderful way to provide extra warmth for your family in the winter, or make gifts for Christmas or birthdays. I've found an excellent link to help you get started that includes 7 videos to teach you an old fashioned skill that will keep your hands busy. "How to Crochet"
You will be amazed at what you have to show when you are done, with just a few stitches here and there throughout the year.


Embroidery can be used to beatuify your home, or make gifts for friends and family or bring in extra income by selling it at local gift shops or craft fairs or online. Here is video to hlep you get started.

Home Canning Help

The following link can help get you started,
and supply much more advanced help when canning
as well as many recipes.
Happy Canning!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Giving on a Frugal budget

If you are the only one in the country that hasn't seen the news this week, surprise!...the economy doesn't seem to healthy...to put it mildly. However not to worry...God is still in control!

Well this week was one of those times that frugality paid off. First off let me share that I've been saving a bit at a time to buy some gift cards over the past few months. I find they are a small way of being able to say thank you to so many in such a simple way. I also find that they are a good investment just before the holidays to have some on hand for that gift you really wanted to give someone, but couldn't get out in the snow to pick up! Well, you may not have that problem, but sometimes I do. I'm not real keen on traveling all over just to pick up gift cards with gas being more expensive than milk in some areas! But I started noticing displays in the grocery store of all sorts of gift cards. Money as a gift seems so impersonal but a gift card to somewhere that the recipient really likes seems more thoughtful. So the next time you are in the store, pick a few up, you can even add more to a previous one and build it up a bit to give an even larger amount. Or keep those smaller ones on hand to share at just the right time. Not only does it save on gas by buying a card while at the grocery store, it also saves on postage.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Frugal Friday Sept. 4, 08

Little Girl in Bonnet
Little Girl in Bonnet

Good Morning Frugal Friday Ladies,

I was cleaning up the painting mess that dearest Husband so kindly made, when I noticed the towels. (it really is kind of him as I am allergic to the paint fumes and it really needed painting)
Back to the towels...Some seemed awfully frayed and I made a mental note to share with you what I have done with them in the past.

  1. If the seams are beginning to fray I mend them.
  2. After the first mend begins to fray I cut the worn edges and mend again.
  3. If there is a whole in the towel and it won't mend well, I will cut the towel up and make wash cloths out of it.
  4. If there are large nice salvageable sections of a towel left I will cut out a piece to make a vintage "Budoir Bonnet" to keep my long hair from dripping all over the wood floor. I plan on posting some of these on my ETSY shop one of these days.
  5. If all else fails, these towel or washcloth remnants become rags to clean up dear husbands paint messes.
Here are a few more recycling tips
The Sheperds House

Enjoy this glorious day, and may you shine with the love of Jesus to all you meet!


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