Saturday, January 10, 2009

Installing a zipper

There is one sewing talent I have not mastered, I haven't even tried it yet, and that is inserting a zipper. It just seems like such a daunting challenge to me! I have purchased several including patterns to use them with and read all the instructions and that is where my journey has ended thus far. I keep staring at the pictures and get overwhelmed at what I am supposed to do. Others have told me it is a piece of cake but I have not had anyone "show" me how to install a zipper yet. However I did find a tutorial on how to to install a zipper and I am happy to say to all of you who have not tried this is a piece of cake! :)
Dont let fear hold you back anymore! Now you can use all that fabric you have stored away all these years or "upcycle" those items in your closet instead of getting rid of them.

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