Friday, January 16, 2009

Frugal Friday Tip

I am pleased to share this bit of Frugal help as it comes from Kristin
over at the
She has shared a recipe that is sure to keep your drains and pipes clear from the sludge that builds up and assures us that draino is no longer needed. (unless of course your clog is the toy sort of clog :)

The only sludge mover I can think of for our souls is the Word of God, wash your mind with it daily, but if you are having the other sort of problem pop over to visit
Kristin-Homemaker @ Heart and take a peek.

Thanks Kristin!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Installing a zipper

There is one sewing talent I have not mastered, I haven't even tried it yet, and that is inserting a zipper. It just seems like such a daunting challenge to me! I have purchased several including patterns to use them with and read all the instructions and that is where my journey has ended thus far. I keep staring at the pictures and get overwhelmed at what I am supposed to do. Others have told me it is a piece of cake but I have not had anyone "show" me how to install a zipper yet. However I did find a tutorial on how to to install a zipper and I am happy to say to all of you who have not tried this is a piece of cake! :)
Dont let fear hold you back anymore! Now you can use all that fabric you have stored away all these years or "upcycle" those items in your closet instead of getting rid of them.

Friday, January 9, 2009

"Upcycling"...a fancy word for Fruality

Not only does mending an item quickly save time in the process,
it also saves the article of clothing.
And these days that definitely helps the pocket book.
It is now time to dip into the fabric reserves that have been carefully sought
for during those well planned days of sales to create new garments made meticulously to have fine garments, as a Proverbs 31 woman, that will last.
Of course that requires a bot of talent.
If you need help in this area, you can take advantage of the recent trend of "upcycling" clothing to create a new garment for a family member or yourself.
"Upcycling"... just a fancy word for frugality
Become creative.
What is it you or your family needs?
Kids pants too short?
Don't be a slave to fashion, create your own in this time of a down turned economy.
Most Americans have a tremendous supply already at their finger tips...
just look into your closet!
Decide what fits and what you like and set aside the rest to work with.
Go through everyones closet in the household to gather your supplies.
You now have a large supply of buttons, and fabric, and shoes, and hats, and belts, and jewlery.
With a bit of creativity you can make something "new"
Project #1
Take a pair of jean shorts that fit at the waist but perhaps are not flattering or in good conditon lower down. Cut the jeans shorts an inch below the zipper and add a swatch of gathered fabric to make a swirl skirt for your little lady.
Project #2
You know that wool shirt that you accidentally shrunk in the dryer? Well do it again, yes shrink it again to make felted wool. You can now cut the fabric to make a purse or wallet or hat, or any item you might need.
Project #3
Have some old sheets?
Tear then into one inch wide strips and sew the ends together and gather the string together like a ball of yarn. Now crochet a long line and stitch into a circle or oval rug. If you place it on a wood floor be sure to use non skid sheet underneath, or you can use a few lines of hot glue. Just apply the hot glue to the bottom of finished rug and let dry before placing on the floor.
Project #4
Just love those buttons but the blouse has to go? Take the buttons off and make them into earrings, or re use the buttons on an upcycled purse or swirl skirt.
Project #5
Maybe you can think of another "up-cycling project" and share it with me!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday is Wash Day

Ivory Soap Girl Washing
Ivory Soap Girl Washing

I like to start the week out right by getting my Laundry started from a busy weekend.
You can start the New Year out right with a frugal batch of Homemade Laundry Detergent

I've posted it many times in the past but found it written out at a friends blog. Take a peek and come to enjoy the many uses of this wonderful recipe at Maybe I'll blog


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