Friday, October 30, 2009

Frugal Friday tip plus a bonus!

Hello all, it may be late, but it's still Friday and I have a Frugal find to share with you.

Hisbeloved has a wonderful frual tip to share that young moms may find of worthy note as they may have exactly what she is sharing.

And while you are there you might enjoy the bonus recipe Hisbeloved is sharing in her post...

Friday, October 2, 2009

Making a Puff Quilt

I just loved this tutorial on making a Puff Quilt also known as a Biscuit Quilt. It first caught my eye since it had a nice ruffle on the outside edge. Since I am fairly new to quilting, I had not thought about adding a lace ruffle to the outside edge of a Quilt, but happy to find that it adds a beautiful feminine look to the finished product. The tutorial also has a few helpful hints while making the Puff Quilt. The stated origin of the Puff Quilt was from the recycling days of the 1970's. Old clothing, sheets, pillow cases, thrift store fabric finds can all be used to make the quilt top, and it can be stuffed with polyester fiber fill, or as they stated...recycled pantyhose, although the finished product will be heavier which could be nice for a warm winter quilt. Since the Puff Quilt is made one square at a time it can be fun for the younger quilter to help as she learns to quilt as well.


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