Friday, April 10, 2009

Homemade Goodness!

Yes I know a loaf of white bread is only a dollar at the day old bread store, but for me and my house we will not eat that poison. When it comes to bread, nurtririon is much more important than a few dollars saved at the grocery store. In the long run we would be spending more at the docotor in the future if I saved on the bread bill.

Nutrition is just packed in these alfalfa and clover sprouts! They are easy to grow. Just soak the seed in a canning jar of warm water for a few hours then place in a shallow sprout grower. ( I suppose you can use a net with small holes like in a screen placed in a shallow pan of water) Change the water daily and keep the sprouts covered until they begin to grow. Then rinse them daily and keep uncovered until they are a few inches tall. Rinse well and store uncovered in the fridge. I love the tase of them on a sandwhich, with cream cheese, they are also good tasting in freshly juiced juices.

We had this with a cup of soup the other day. It was homemade vegetable soup. I figured the meal costs about .53 cents per serving!

Here is a link to a handy cost calculator. Book mark the link and figure out the price of your meals the next time you grocery shopping. And thanks to Donna for the link!

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