Friday, June 19, 2009

It's jucing time again!

Whole food vitamins are expensive unless you can find a good sale, and organic fruit is good for you, but sometimes goes ripe too fast to consume. The family doesn't like to eat all their 5 servings fo fruits and vegetables. So....I have wanted a Jack La Lane Juicer for many years, and I have been scouring second hand stores for one but to no avail. However, just yesterday it showed up on my front door step!

My mom used to work in a Commisary doing those food demonstrations and was able to buy the tools she needed at a discounted price, so she began collecting different kitchen items. She left that job a number of years ago and wondered if I would like a juicier as it is just sitting on her counter. Of course a resounding YES was the answer!
So it arrived on my doorstep yesterday and I made my first batch of Veggie juice last night. What a blessing! This juicer is soooo quiet compared to my old unit, and the pulp comes out much more dry and in turn much more juice is produced as well.

A juicer is a wonderful way to get your kids, or your family to "drink" their fruits and veggies.
I can't tell you how many times I have bought fruits and veggies just to have them go bad in the veggie bin! What a waste! Now I can turn those fruits and veggies into juice, and also pulp that can be used in healthy breads and muffin recipes. The juice made at home is also much better and fresher than store bought juice stored in plastic bottles, as the longer the juice sits the less nutrients it contains.
Now I am on the look out for great fruit and veggie sales.
Thanks sooo much mom!
PS: Dear Husbands reply was...Lord have mercy! :)

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