Friday, March 27, 2009

Bread Making

Artisanal Breads
Artisanal Breads

Ok, I have been sick for the past few days with a bad cold, and it has finally been sunny, but still very cold and I have been longing to bake some bread. So I thought I would blog about it until I am healthier.

Many people are afraid of making bread. I remember when I would just look at those pictures and recipes in my moms cook book and wish I could bake like that. Mom was never a recipe type person, so she said come on I'll show you how, and we just dug in. She just put a little of this in the bowl and a little of that, and it was supposed to be just this consistency and if not add a little more flour. if too dry add a little oil and viola...great bread. As the years went on mom would rather work out in the garden so she let me bake and cook and pretty soon I was practicing on the family with Beef Wellington, and home made bread, and cookies, and Spaetzle. Oh, and there was that one time my sister and I baked a tremendously huge batch of cookies that you could break a tooth on, but live and learn. My German mom still made the Gizzard Goulash that we all loved as kids, because we didn't know any better, she got the spices just right with just a bit of this and that. I never got the hang of that one!

Good thing because when I got married Dear Husband didn't think that would be a good meal to come home to after a hard days work, but he and our sons enjoyed the home made pizzas and cookies and breads.

I understand times are tougher now and I remember when I didn't want to try a new recipe and possibly waste all the ingredients if the dish didn't turn out. I found a nice site to help with Bread recipes including comments from others who have tried the recipe. So don't be afraid give it a try. You and your family will enjoy healthy nutritious bread with help from The Fresh Loaf

Friday, March 13, 2009

Frugal soil tip

Vegetable Garden by Alie Kruse-Kolk
Vegetable Garden

It's still really cold and winter like here, but my thoughts turn to spring! My dear husband has been talking about building a greenhouse so I can do some container gardening, but there is some room in the yard for outside gardening. I've come across a site with instructions on how to test your soil all by yourself with some items you have at home. So as soon as my ground is no longer frozen I'm going to try this SOIL TEST.


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