Friday, July 23, 2010

Life is a bowl of Cherries!

Finally back to Frugal Friday's!
Found this great deal on cherries and a cherry pitter and went for it!

The Pitter made quick work of things which helped as my time was limited. It also helped with a higher yield of good fruit as it would have taken me a long time to wash, cut all those cherries in half and dig out the pit which would have meant losing some to spoilage. Plus I will have the pitter for years to come! I've heard you can use a bobby pin, (although it does squirt the juice a bit) but I like to cut the cherries in half and freeze them in zip lock bags so I can pull a few out at a time in the winter and put in my oatmeal or yogurt or protein smoothie.
  • Choose fresh fruit without blemishes, wash in a good quality produce wash according to directions, but don't soak for more than 2 minutes, de-stem, and you are ready to place the cherries in what my husband calls....."the guillotine" (The cherry pitter)
  • After pitting the cherries, place the halves on a cookie sheet and partially freeze. This will help them not stick together in one large clump that is difficult to break apart later.
  • The cherries can then be placed in an airtight bag and placed in the freezer. No sugar or sugar substitute is required.
  • You can then pull the cherries out in the winter and thaw them to eat, or make jam, or cherry sauce when the weather is cooler.

Choosing fresh local fruit in season...
  • Helps on the grocery budget as these cherries will triple in price come winter
  • Allows you to choose the way and time you want to preserve them
  • Lets you know exactly what ingredients go into your final product,
    allowing for specific needs of the family.

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