Friday, December 12, 2008

Frugal Christmas Gift Ideas

I thought I might share some ideas for frugal Christmas gifts and also came across some more great ideas.
Save those cardboard boxes and make a play kitchen for your girls by cutting and taping them into a fridge with a movable door, or an oven, or a sink. Cover the cardboard with old wall paper or paint it or cover it with cloth, just about anything you have on hand, and voila, yuo have child's play kitchen.
Or take an old wool sweater out of your closet that you don't wear anymore ( if you don't have one check out a Goodwill near you) and wash the sweater in hot water and rinse in cold a few times, then run it through the dryer. The wool is now "felted wool" much softer to the touch and can be cut like fabric.
Follow the link below to the Frugal Granola...the Domestically Inclined "highlighted frugal idea of the day" for quick and easy ideas for children's Christmas gifts under two dollars! You'll find directions on making fake food for your little ones play kitchen, and a pattern to make your child some mittens. Enjoy!

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