Friday, August 1, 2008


Well it's been an exremely busy week here. I have been contemplating what to share on this Frugal Friday. I would have to say that I have not been very frugal this week with my time and care for the family. It is one of those weeks that because you have been frugal with shopping and time and in other areas, you have it to share with those in need. A time to live the words I shared with you all when I began this blog...

Frugality in light of Proverbs 31, this is not something we Christian woman do just because times are hard, but it is a way of life. We are frugal, not cheap. We economize with a heart motive to help our husbands and families, and extend our hands to the needy.

It is time to "cash" in on those frugal times in the past by...
  • using some of the homemade gift cards to send to family and friends
  • caring for MIL with Alzheimers while caring for FIL who is sick
  • using cleaners you bought on sale to help clean another house
  • using the aprons you've made to protect your clothing from needed bleach use
  • drawing on the Holy Spirit for the strength to make a special peaceful dinner on the back porch for family after some extremely busy days.
  • quickly whipping up a cake from the pantry supplies you have so carefully stocked
  • praying for others you were not able to help, but know that God can reach down and touch the hearts and lives of those you cannot be with
  • relishing in the few moments of pampering by your husband, your best friend who understands and prays for you

    Lady Sewing by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
    Lady Sewing

One thing I am also trying to keep on top of is "Christmas in July". I use this to keep my mind preparing for the celebration of Jesus birth. If I begin now to make and sell things I can either have a gift that is homemade for my friends and family, or have the budget to buy one that is homemade. If you haven't made the commitment to buy homemade yet, consider it now. It will help you if you as well as other homemakers across the country who are living frugally minded.

You can find me at "Domestic Lady" at my Etsy shop. There is a front porch sale scheduled soon and the rest will be posted in my shop when the weather turns cold up here in North Idaho.

Blessings to you and yours,


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