Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Latte Lessons

Because you asked Patricia....

Latte Lessons for the Frugal Woman....
~Basic ingredients for making Lattes at home:
Whip Cream
I use decaf beans and grind them myself because I don't drink caffine but love the taste of really good coffee. I also just make a strong batch of coffee in the coffee maker to use in the Latte. I have heard it is heathier to have your coffee brewed and filtered. I have a Krups coffee maker which keeps the coffee from being exposed to the air and making it bitter so I can make some coffee in the morning and use what I want for myself or in case company arrives for an iced Latte later in the day without wasting the leftovers. Although for those of you fortunate enough to have an espresso machine you can use it as well.
If you are going to use sugar (or brown sugar or honey) add the sugar to the hot coffee to desired sweetness first, all others...
Fill a 20 oz. plastic glass (disposable for on the go), or the glass of your choice 2/3 full with crushed ice. You can use cubed ice.
Pour the coffee to cover the ice.
Then add the milk of your choice,
Whole, canned, 2% or 1%,
or fat free, (but hey why bother?)
Add your sweetner...
Sugar free syrups, sugar filled syrups, sugar substitutes
You can even use Coffemate in your favorite flavor to combine the milk and sweetner ingredients.
Stir and top with Whip Cream if desired.
~Basic ingredients for making Granitas at home..
The ingredients are the same as for a Latte however you add it all to the blender (add chocolate syrup if you like) and whirl it up for an even icier treat.
Of course you can adjust the ingredients to suit your own taste.

Thanks for asking Patricia!
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