Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 10 of 31 Days in Proverbs 31

Good day to you all ladies! Today is the 10th day of 31 Days through Proverbs 31 at my daughter in laws Blog....HISBELOVED. As a Grand mother I look at this study through different eyes now and just like God's word it is so deep that we can always come away with a fresh in filling of the Holy Spirit and a deeper understanding of His heart and Word. It is so wonderful to see Hisbeloved write and share the things God has laid on her heart from Proverbs 31 and know that she lives these before her family. It is wonderful to watch her interact with MY grand daughters :) and MY son. My husband and I are so blessed to know that her heart is to bless and serve them. Her husband safely trusts in her as well. She surely is a woman who fears the Lord.

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